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It’s possible to make a reservation by filling and submitting the online booking form available on our website. 

It must be filled in all its parts and is valid for the booking of only one family.

Uncomplete booking forms won’t be considered as valid.
After receiving the booking request the camping booking department sends to the guests the relate offer containing: type of accommodation assigned, date of arrival/departure, the amount to be paid as deposit.


Only after reception of the down payment, guests receive a booking confirmation.
Each reservation is personal and not transferable. 


In order to confirm the reservation a down payment is required. It is of 30% and must be settled within 3 working days from the date of the reservation.
Special offers are only redeemable at the reception desk at the moment of the payment.

Accommodations are available from 2 pm on the day of arrival. Check out on the departure day is before 10:00; for pitches are available from 10:00 on the day of arrival, Check out on the departure day is before at 10:00.

In case of late arrival or no show the pitch stays at guests’ disposal until 12:00 while the accommodations until 10:00 of the day following the beginning of the stay, unless prior notice.
In the days in which the place/accommodation is unoccupied though reserved, the daily minimal cost is calculated in accordance with our price list.
In case of late arrival or early departure the total amount of the reserved stay must be settled.


In case of cancellation or amendment of the period of stay 

  • within 60 days before arrival: 100%

  • within 30 days. before arrival: 50%

passed the deadline, no amount will be returned.



  • Each water unit in the camping must be registered at the Reception upon arrival and, if longer than 2,5 mt, must compulsorily require to the Provincia del Verbanio Cusio Ossola the identification plate, necessary to circulate on Lake Maggiore, which is only obtainable with a previous payment by bank transfer or news bulletin (€ 30,00) and presentation of a filled application form (available at the camping Reception desk).


  • Or we can request it for you;

We would need a copy of the following documents:

- Identity card

- Documents of the boat and the engine

- Insurance

The cost for the application is € 50.00. (cash payment on arrival)


  • It’s strictly forbidden to leave boats, rubber boats, canoes etc. on the beach.



  • Daily cost of the place on the JETTY, as per the price list.

  • Daily cost of the JETTY, as per the price list.

  • JETTY reservation is mandatory.

  • The amount relating to the boat and JETTY will be counted for the entire stay booked, regardless of their actual use.

  • The place on the JETTY marked numerically is assigned by the management and it is forbidden to change it without authorization.

  • This regulation is automatically accepted upon payment of the deposit.

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