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Evocative and unforgettable destinations for your holiday on Lake Maggiore

Escursioni Lago Maggiore

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A few kilometers from Castelletto Ticino, it is one of the most fascinating and renowned destinations on Lake Maggiore. The town represents a perfect combination of culture, art, nature and folklore. The lakefront full of characteristic bars, shops and often home to local markets and events awaits you for long walks.

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Rocca of Angera

Surrounded by the Alps of Lombardy, the Rock of Angera stands majestically on a rocky outcrop overlooking the southern shore of Lake Maggiore. Amazing is the path inside the solemn Sale Historic, decorated with precious frescoes, antique paintings and original decorations. It will also be possible to visit the doll and toy museum with the largest exhibition in Europe and stroll through the sought after Medieval Garden, rich in symbolic meanings and surrounded by majestic crenellated walls.


We are just 60 km from the city of fashion and much more: Milan is also famous for its art and history. Stroll around the city centre and be dazzled by the Gothic Duomo, the imposing Sforzesco Castle - one of the largest in Europe, admire one of the world's most famous paintings, Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, or do some shopping in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, one of Milan's most iconic and picturesque places.

Hermitage of Santa Caterina

Perched on a sheer cliff face above the water, the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso is undoubtedly one of Lake Maggiore's most striking views. It was founded in the 12th century by Alberto Besozzi, a wealthy merchant who survived a shipwreck and then decided to retire to this stretch of coast and live as a hermit. The well-preserved buildings are richly frescoed and the outside spaces offer breathtaking views of the scenery around Lake Maggiore.

Lake Varese Cycle and walking pat

The terrain on this route is tarmac, concrete and a brief stretch of hard-packed earth. It is suitable for all, including families with children, as it is mostly flat. There are few short stretches on quiet roads with very little traffic. The route is extremely scenic and varied, passing through meadows, woods and along the lake, with the Prealps and the Alps in the background. The track is mostly sunny, and features a dozen water fountains.

Island Bella

Isola Bella is a surprising place, thanks to constantly flowering plants and the priceless art treasures that come together in a harmonious microcosm. Transformed from a rock to a flower-filled garden, today the island has the appearance of a galleon floating on the blue waters of Lake Maggiore. When you visit this place you will be immersed for a day in a past era where Baroque style blends beautifully with the green architecture of the gardens.

Island Madre

Isola Madre is a precious jewel rising from the waters of Lake Maggiore. Renowned worldwide for its exquisite botanical collections, this is the largest of the Verbano islands and it rises from the water with an alluring shape, outlined by the exuberant vegetation that covers most of its surface and the square palazzo occupying the southern shore and the highest point of the island. 

Island Pescatori 


Isola Pescatori is the only one of the Borromea Islands which is inhabited all year round, with a small village of 50 residents, set around a little square enclosed by narrow, winding streets that lead to the promenade on the northern tip of the island. The distinctive houses have several floors to better use the limited space available for building, and by day the island is trodden by thousands of tourists, while at night it returns to the islanders; a few fishermen still live here, and their trade continues to be practised. 

Villa Pallavicino

Villa Pallavicino Among ancient trees, a wonderful botanical garden and numerous species of mammals and exotic birds, including fallow deer, kangaroos, zebras, flamingoes, lamas, parrots and peacocks, the Pallavicino Park offers a delightful day exploring nature.

orta san giulio.jpg

Island San Giulio

The tiny island of San Giulio can be reached by ferry or motor boat. The first think to strike you will be the splendid Romanesque Basilica, accessed via a flight of steps. After visiting the Basilica di San Giulio you can walk along the "Percorso del Silenzio e della Meditazione", a road that runs the entire length of the island and offers numerous signs inviting you to spirituality and reflection.

Sacro Monte of Varese

Sacro Monte di Varese is one of a group of nine Sacri Monti (sacred mountains) in Piemonte and Lombardy, listed as World Heritage sites by UNESCO in 2003. It consists of 14 chapels dedicated to the Mysteries of the Rosary, which lead to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte, a place of pilgrimage since the Middle Ages. The village of Santa Maria del Monte, where the sanctuary stands, is connected to the rest of the city of Varese by road, and also by a historical funicular railway, recently restored. From the sanctuary there are magnificent views of the lake.

bike tour cannobbio.jpg

Comabbio Cycle and walking path

Comabbio Lake is approximately 3 km from the better-known Lake Varese. It occupies 9 km and is a natural oasis, rich in water plants. Starting from the Ternate park, the route is about 12.5 km long. A cycle track from Varano Borghi links this route with the Lake Varese cycle track. Along the way there are delightful views of the countryside and natural surroundings; an interesting feature is a wooden walkway 500 metres long, which allows you to cycle right over the water.

Colossus of San Carlo Borromeo

Colossus of San Carlo Borromeo Also known as the Sancarlone, the giant bronze statue is 35 metres tall and the work of Siro Zanella of Pavia and Bernardo Falconi of Bissone. Visitors can climb a steep and narrow staircase inside up to the head, where wonderful views can be seen through the eyes and ears of the statue.

Fortress of Arona

Rocca di Arona With its twin (the Rocca Borromea di Angera), this castle was a strategic lookout post over Lake Maggiore. Having been completely destroyed by the Della Torre family, today only a few ruins are visible in the large park, which overlooks the town below: a good place to relax on the grass and enjoy wonderful lake views.

Lakefront Arona

Lakefront promenade Just 8 km along the lake shore from our campsite is the elegant lakeside promenade of Arona, the perfect place to enjoy a stroll among typical architecture as you explore the town's history and art, or to have an aperitif or dinner in on of the many lakeside restaurants.

Sacro Monte of Orta

Sacro Monte di Orta is one of a group of nine Sacri Monti (sacred mountains) in the mountains of Piemonte and Lombardy, listed as World Heritage sites; this one is unique, the only complex devoted to the life and miracles of just one saint, St Francis. The various stations - 20 in all - were built between the 16th and 18th centuries, and great skill is displayed in the numerous life-sized terracotta statues and frescoes in the chapels. The site gives magnificent views of the lake and the island of San Giulio.


Toce waterfalls

With its drop of 143 metres, this is the tallest waterfall in Europe; it is fed by the river Toce. It has been visited and admired by many illustrious figures such as Richard Wagner, Gabriele D'Annunzio, Queen Margherita, King Victor Emanuel III, Giosuè Carducci and Father Antonio Stoppani, who have left enthusiastic descriptions of what was already known as the loveliest waterfall in the Alps.

Safari Park

It consists of two distinct areas: the amusement park with about thirty rides, with animals in enclosures or cages, and the safari park where the animals live in freedom and can be observed by visitors in their vehicles and by special trains.

Lake of Monate

Lake Monate is situated next to Lake Comabbio and Lake Varese and its clean, calm waters - thanks to the prohibition on motor boats - make it the ideal place for a day of relax and nature.

The nature reserve

of Lagoni di Mercurago

This wonderful nature reserve - a UNESCO world heritage site - is an oasis where visitors can find numerous species of indigenous flora and fauna. The best place for a special experience in close contact with nature and the Ticino National Park.

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